Mixed News Multiple Choice

more videos as glitch keep`s 1 out so i will add plenty more and see if it continue`s.

Below stay`s up untill disease is non existant,that mean`s spreading the info or waiting to be culled.

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So the Facebook shares have finally registered the last 88 shares but now only show 12 shares after it showing 88 and changed to a low number again,3rd time this goes to 88-89 then back to 12-9.Clearly something is messing with it!  One.com support say`s that`s how facebook share`s work lol.At least they answered unlike facebook,forgot to mention that.

Thank`s to the 5.1K who shared and done your part!.

Now they reset back to 0 on my end...not been on top lately,just thought why bother so hard when i cant build from THIS.So this time i will try to look professional with product`s.And not get so angry that i see it as a bad thing,but to push on and hold my position on the truth.Was never about money BUT I SPENT 7 YEARS doing this for FUCK ALL !!! except alienate myself from all my social group`s.Thanks to 372/497 new ones to like.Its went to show the first count back to 5.3K..really is enough to know u cared.